Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Had To Return

Afraid that it would be destroyed before I had a decent collection of photographs, I returned to the abandoned school today.  I wanted to make sure I milked the building for all it's worth, because I rarely have such easy access to an awesome dilapidated building.
I was never in this building when it was actually in use.  Sunday was the first time I ever entered it.  What I find strange is that I now feel I know what it looked like when it was being used as a school.  The broken down walls and the exposed pipes and sockets are easily pushed back into place, and the trash can be removed in my mind's eye.  This leaves a fairly clean image of the interior of the school in my mind...the question being just how accurate is my depiction.  Who knows.

 Take a Seat at Your Desk Next to the Cement Blocks
Unlike all the other pictures, this photo was shot with the outside world's natural light coming through the window behind me.  By window I mean massive hole in the wall.  It gives the image a cave-like feel.

This might not look like a door that natural light should be spilling in from, but it is.  The back wall in this room is totally gone, allowing the sun to allow me some awesome lighting.  I know I referenced him recently, but I shall do it again...something about the lines, angles, and lighting in this photo remind me of an M.C. Escher drawing.

Blockade The Entrance!
Apparently the demolition team was being attacked by zombies while destroying this school.  They tried to block the entrance, and succeeded, but forgot about all the walls that they had already torn down prior to the attack.  They're all dead, Dave. 

Let the Sunlight In
 The sun was at the perfect place when I took this photo.  It cast beautiful rays right through the windows that lit up only a small portion of this massive skeleton of a room.

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