Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Last Time?

I drove past the school that I have been taking photos of yesterday.  I drove past it twice.  There was maybe an hour and a half between the two trips.  In that hour and a half it went from about half left standing to very little left standing.  This made me want to continue the documenting process of it's demise, the fact that very little is left.  So today, after a nice run and a swim in a pool, I went back and found even more missing.  There are no rooms left...everything that remains is either a wall with very little attached or an unidentifiable "piece" of what was once a school.  I might go back when there is nothing at all...we shall see.

   A Slight Breeze Could Bring It To It's Knees
A beautiful sunset created the perfect color tones for this post-apocalyptic scene.  If I didn't know what this mass of scrap metal was just two weeks ago, I'd have no idea what it is or once was.

A Junkyard Wasteland
A field that stretches into a baseball diamond has become a temporary junkyard for the site.  A barn in the distance creates just enough light to illuminate pieces of what could have once been a locker room or science lab.  

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