Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spray Paint The Walls!...yellow

So I came up with a fun project idea yesterday.  I choose a color, and try (which can be difficult) to find things that have been spray painted in that color.  It can be graffiti or a means of conveying info...like an X on a tree, sealing it's fate.  I say that this can be difficult because I live in Ephrata, a place that doesn't have much graffiti.  Nor does it have much info being conveyed by spray paint.  But I succeeded nonetheless.  My color choice for today...yellow.

Messages in Yellow
 After piecing these images together, I realized that it could very easily be taken as a secret message.  Apparently someone is running around Ephrata trying to teach people how to become happy.  OK, so you start on the lower right side and go clockwise; (first frame) take the yellow brick staircase (second) up to the (third) stars and you will find (last) happiness.  Now I just need to find the yellow brick staircase.

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