Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey

Some friends, my wife and I went to the Adventure Aquarium today.  I think the decision to go was made based off of the fact that we learned they have hippos.  That was good enough for us to make a trip to New Jersey, get a hotel, and then wake up and drive through the city to find it.  It was actually a very nice aquarium with much to do and see...and much to touch.  It was actually very hands-on friendly, with all sorts of animals within our reach.  Sea cucumbers, stingrays, jellyfish, and lobsters were all subjected to our poking and prodding.  Though we could not touch them, a good part of the decision making process included the fact that they also have penguins... 

This guy was so cute.  As angry as he may look, no one who is constantly dressed in their best and looks this good can actually be mad.

Ghost Fish
These fish, which look like tuna to me, appear to be see-through and were moving through the water like a bunch of ghosts.

This frog looks like the Hypnotoad from Futurama.  All glory to the Hypnotoad.

The Jaws of Jaws
This was not set up as an isolated item at the aquarium.  There were things behind it and reflections on the glass in front of it.  I wanted to try to see if I could make that all go away...I seem to have succeeded.

This lobster/similar-to-lobster-creature was waving his arm things all over the place.  The lighting was pretty sweet, what with the dark cave that he was emerging from.

Abstract Fish
I noticed that this fish matched the hue of the water and that his long body looked like the little waves right above him.  The whole setup resembled an abstract image.

But(t) I Want To See Their Faces!
Everything about these hippos are awesome.  Yes, even their butts.

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