Thursday, August 11, 2011


My brother told me I should check out a certain location and to bring a camera.  The location turned out to be a place that I had been to before.  In fact, I posted about it here ...a graveyard of sorts, for vehicles.  He told me I would be able to find awesome oil tankers just sitting there.  He lied.  There were no tankers.  There were other things of interest, though...

Home Away From Home
Someone seems to be living here.  They also seem to be ...thirsty

Reading Fire Department
Here is another antique firetruck to add to my collection.  Due to the peeling paint, this one appears to be some camouflaged army vehicle.

  School Is Out
 School is out for the summer.  Though once it starts up again, I don't think this bus will be transporting any children.

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