Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Antique Fire Alarms

A nearby old building caught my eye the other day.  While riding around, looking for letters for my urban alphabet, I noticed an odd looking fixture on it.  Upon closer inspection I noticed it was an antique fire alarm system.  I found another one on one of the other walls of the building.  I wonder if this building was prone to going up in flames...thus the amount of fire alarms within a 30 foot radius.

The Viking
This one is pretty awesome looking, but not nearly as awesome as...

The Globe
This one has what appears to be the whole sprinkler system attached.  Also, it was manufactured in Philadelphia, PA...about an hour from my current location.


  1. these are so damn cool!

  2. Nice, those are called water motor bells. When water flows in the fire sprinkler pipes it makes the bell ring. They are water powered.Those are pretty old.