Monday, August 29, 2011

Farewell To Middle Creek

My internet keeps dying so I'm going to make this quick and hope I am actually able to post today...

This is my farewell to Middle Creek, my home away from home.  This upcoming year of overseas traveling will be the longest amount of time that I will have gone without making an evening drive or weekend bike ride to this wonderful little place filled with wildlife and great hiking trails.  Longest sentence ever.  Tonight was a nice farewell...we saw some beautiful stars over the water and a mink bounding past on the little driving loop.

Dipping into the Water
It looks like the Big Dipper is dipping into the water.  The evening clouds really helped keep this picture from being too standard.

Golden Fields and Purple Skies
The way my car's headlights lit up just the field allowed me to get an interesting contrast between the sky and it.  The end result seems like a painting of sorts.

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