Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hands, Arms and Legs

Not sure of what today's photograph should be, I shot a few pictures throughout the day of pretty standard and boring things.  My hope was that one of the pictures would suffice.  None of them were good enough.  So I resorted to an "abstract day" of sorts, grabbing a model and shooting the contours that are created when legs are pressed against arms, fingers against legs, and hands against wrists.  Many say that the human body is the most beautiful subject to photograph.  Maybe it is.  I haven't photographed everything in the universe, so I'm in no place to make such a statement...but it definitely can be an interesting thing to shoot.

 In Rest
Fingers rest upon two knees.

Bent Legs and Draped Arms
Much like the title suggests, the subject's legs were bent and their arms were draped over them when this photograph was taken.  The result reminds me of dunes or a river and it's tributary.

Negative Space
What looks like a lot of negative space is actually the leg of the model.  The finger tips seem to blend right into the leg.

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