Sunday, August 21, 2011

America and Her Pasttimes

In these last few days, I have been wanting to do America, Pennsylvania, and Lancaster County related things.  That meant today was baseball day.  My brother, wife and I grabbed the necessary equipment and went to the nearest diamond.  Just as the first ball was hit, my wife took a photo of my brother and I, and a crazy thunderstorm started.  We kept playing for a while, but could only move so well in rain soaked clothes.  We then made our way back to my mother's pool for some swimming in the rain. 

Polaroid Baseball
My wife took the Polaroid.  Though that may not seem legal, I feel I can justify it.  It was with a Polaroid camera, obviously, and thus had no manual features.  I told her where to stand.  The end result would have been the same, save for the fact that it would have been her hitting the baseball instead of me.  Also, I took a photo of the Polaroid picture.  So I still did take a picture...and this is that picture.

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