Monday, August 8, 2011


I knew that I would have a busy day today, what with moving the entire contents of my apartment to another location, so I brought my camera to work, thinking I might find something there...and thus get my photo before the mayhem began. 
I frequently pass a little stream on my way to work.  This stream is always overflowing, which has made the surrounding area seem almost wetland like.  Often, on my way to work a light fog can be seen rolling through this area.  My hope was to get a shot of this.  I did.  The mist was nice, but I metered for the sky instead, in that the sunrise was beautiful and created a nice back drop to the silhouette of the treeline.

Wetland Sunrise
I doubt it actually can be classified as a wetland.  But it is a nice area.  The sunrise made it even nicer than it normally is.

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