Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For Sale

This drum set served me well.  I have had it since I was 13.  But now, trying to make some extra money, I must get rid of it.  I haven't really used it since 2007, anyway.  So I slapped a big "for sale" sign on it, wrote on all the band names my friends and I cycled through while I was the drummer, as well as a nice sized "BUY IT."  It is now sitting in my mother's front yard.  Currently I don't have a front yard, so we had to put it at her place.  We shall see if it sells...

Bang On The Drums All Day
My band never played many covers.  We were doing original songs since we started playing together.  Trying to remember a few that we did play frequently, I came up with " I got no" by Operation Ivy, "Against the grain" by Bad Religion, and "Mickey Mouse is dead" by the Subhumans.  Man, we were awesome.

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