Sunday, August 14, 2011

Water Sculptures

Canoeing down a creek and talking with friends about getting a hotel (with a pool) made me want to go swimming.  So this morning I went to my mother's house for what I hoped would be a swim in the rain.  It was supposed to rain all day, so I thought I had a such luck.  While swimming I realized I had more control with water droplet/splash photography while in the water as opposed to yesterday's rock tossed into water from the creek bank method.  I grabbed my camera and carefully took pictures with one hand while squeezing water into the air with the other.  There were no time/sound/light triggers or special lighting for these shots...I'll leave that to the people that do these types of shots a lot.  I probably wont be doing this again for a long time.  I got a few shots that (kind of) resemble things, and a few that are just abstract-esque water droplet shots...

 Drinking Fountain
This abstract water shot has the water flowing in what looks like the path of a drinking fountain.  The shallow depth of focus adds a lot to this photo, making it look like the further out of focus stream is just a reflection of the closer in focus one.

The in focus droplets of water remind me of some alien spaceships that are gathering around the mother-ship deep in space.

Dancing Water
And the last of the abstract this one, the water appears to be dancing.

Water Buffalo
Here are the ones that I think actually look like things...this one is definitely a buffalo.  The head is on the right can see it...right?

The Owl
Okay, this one might not be as obvious...but I see an owl.  Anyone else?  

The Angel of the Lake
And last but not least, an angel.  It is facing the right...the face is out of focus, the closer wing isn't.  yes?

What do you fine folk see?

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