Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quantity Over Quality

Getting home from work late as well as intending to continue the attempts of emptying/cleaning an apartment got in the way of putting much time into today's photography.  So I gave myself 15 minutes and went for a walk.  Nothing that I came up with is anything special, but I figure if I post three pictures, the quantity over quality rule makes everything a-okay!

Positive Graffiti
Apparently some punk was feeling that the world wasn't out to get him on the day that he signed the wall with x's and o's.  Or perhaps he just doesn't know the rules of tic tac toe.

Balancing Act
I only like this photo because of the clutter in the bottom left of it.  It helps to balance the photo, having a natural thing (birds) on the opposite side of the clutter.

Bicycle Built For Two
My wife's bike and my bike had to spend some time together, chained up.  Here they are, making the chained life appear to be a pleasant, perhaps even loving one.

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