Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From The Windows

Today I decided to use some nice window lighting to my advantage.  I am soon out of this country.. and in going, there will be some things I'll be leaving behind.  Things I really don't want to leave behind but must.  One of them is my Black Beauty Epiphone electric guitar.  Even though my acoustic is my preferred guitar, the electric has treated me quite well and I will greatly miss her.  I shoved her between two windows and let the natural light work its magic...

Black Beauty
Three fantastic pickups and a similar look to Neil Young's "Old Black."  Can't go wrong with that.  Now I just need an old Bigsby tremelo...

Take A Seat
This was taking place of my guitar while I was trying to get a good understanding of the lighting.  It didn't turn out too terrible, in fact, I kind of like here it is.

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